Outdoor Catering

Girish Cold Drinks and Caterers has over 15 years of experience and reputation of outstanding catering service, delicious food preparations and grand banquet arrangements in Ahmedabad which are available for all corporate and personal events such as weddings, corporate events, MICE & Exhibitions, business lunches and dinners, theme parties, barbecues and more.
We give you a custom-made menu and services according to your requirements and personal style. We have a hard-working team of talented and skilled chefs, trained and qualified ground staff, f&b managers and customer relations managers, who have successfully completed good hotel management courses in India, to work like a well-oiled machine for customer’s joy and satisfaction.

From our stove (Cuisines served)

We offer a large variety of cuisines, and our skilled chefs are experimenting and learning more and more styles of cooking and cuisines each day. Presently, the cuisines to choose from:
  Awadhi    Chinese   Continental   Goan   Gujarati  Italian  Mangalorean  Marwari  Mexican   Parsi   Punjabi   Rajasthani   South Indian   Thai   BBQ/ Grill


Live Counters

We provide the option of a live counter to add a little groove to your event. These live counters are handled by our very skilled f&b managers along with the ground staff that prepares hot and tasty food for your guests. Some of the live counters most popular with our customers are:

★ Pasta Bar ★ Pizza Bar ★ Mongolian ★ Mexican ★ Lebanese ★ japanese ★ Pan Asian ★ Oriental ★Chinese ★Thai ★South American ★ Europena ★ Swiss ★ Tep Panyaki ★ Grill ★ Wokbar ★ Raclette ★Spanish ★Amritsari ★ Gujarati ★ Rajasthani ★ Peshawari ★ Dum Pukht

You can choose one or more live counters according to your event and preferences from the above options, or you can choose to go with the usual Ahmedabad food, also.


Indoor Catering

The events could be small or large, but our enthusiasm and services don’t flinch. We serve 100 to 5000 people with the same efficiency and ease, and we can help you as many or as few guests that you would like. We understand the difference in indoor and outdoor settings. On the indoors, the temperature is constant because of the air-conditioning units, but on the outdoors, the temperatures could change in the blink of an eye and therefore, we take extra care of the food and the arrangements according to your setting. On the indoors, the food color is more visible as compared to outdoor, so we try and make the food look appetizing too.

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Industrial Catering

We have a decent involvement and experience in catering to the industrial sectors. The employees of industrial sector need hygienic and healthy food as a pre-requisite to cope up with their hectic working conditions, and we aim at providing hygienic and healthy food. Our chefs often experiment with food to provide a variety to these workers to make it less monotonous for them. The quality and quantity are chosen by our clients, but hygiene is kept intact. We serve hygienic, nourishing and fulfilling food to industries at an affordable price.

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Corporate Catering

We deal with corporate catering with ease and understand that there can be last-minute changes required in a corporate environment and we are prepared for the change so that the event goes flawlessly. Moreover, we have classy and elegant themes involving food menus and presentation that can be incorporated in these corporate events to make them look more elite and professional, and the cost of the various themes is available readily so that you can decide clearly.
The workforce sent to corporate catering is trained differently and will maintain cleanliness and professionalism as they are trained to work in cafeterias and other professional environments.
We serve corporate breakfast, lunch, supper, bites, and canapés.

girish coldrink catering

Institutional Catering

We cater to the various schools and colleges like top hotel management colleges in the state in their events and festivals. We maintain proper hygiene while producing a variety of food with some innovation which is necessary when dealing with youngsters with so much energy. The assortment of items that we prepare and cater are tea, espresso, breakfast, lunch, snacks and sandwiches, pizzas, Chinese, mainland, south Indian, drive-thru food and burgers, puffs, pieces of bread, break-time most loved snacks like scones, bundled snacks and toast and so on.