Retracing to the Roots

Welcome to Girish Cold Drink & Caterers

Ever since we started catering, we have been in love with the whole thing. That is one of the main reasons why we have been successful for almost 2 decades now! We bring royal experience, with our excellence, to your table!
Girish Cold Drinks and Caterers are often regarded as the best caterers in Ahmedabad. It is the palate-pleasing, customized menus and the impeccable service that has helped us develop such loving customer relations. We cater all celebrations, be it a traditional wedding and reception, or a mellow kitty party and birthdays, an elegant corporate gathering and many other with warmth and passion.
We are always at your service – from the day you finalise the wedding till the wedding is done successfully with all proper arrangements!


Welcome to Girish Cold Drink & Caterers

According to Indian Culture, your guest is your God, and you must feed them with Chappan Bhog or 56 different types of food. Food has always been of utmost importance in gathering and events, and we at Girish Cold Drinks and Caterers strive to take the worries about food quality and quantity off your mind on your special day so that you can enjoy and relish it. We provide with best food arrangements that you can depend on. It is not only the culinary innovation that sets us apart from the long list of caterers in Ahmedabad but also the sense of control and organization that makes the service seem effortless and flawless. While we maintain hygiene standards, we aim at a finger-licking culinary experience. With our enthusiasm and hard work, we guarantee you to turn your special day into an unforgettable experience.

You can trust us to bring the sweet and savory to your occasions.

Lots of food and love,


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The Pursuit of Happiness


We believe in making our customer happy, so we work the extra mile between satisfied and happy. You will find yourself at home with Girish Cold Drinks and Caterers as we try to understand your occasion and wishes to give the very best, from idea to reality by customized menus and finger-licking, appetizing food made of the fresh ingredients. We understand that seeing your guests with a satisfied appetite brings you joy and we work tirelessly towards that.

Through our spectacles


Since our conception, we have realized time and again that our profits lie with happy customers, through their word-of-mouth marketing. We strive to provide exemplary services and keep improving by retrospection. However, our constant pillars are:

Giving you one-of-a-kind event, keeping the warmth and professionalism intact.

 Styling the services according to the customers’ requirements but never compromising on the quality.

Along with celebrating life’s milestones, we also put in a little extra effort for our customers’ well-being to ensure loyalty in the long run.

Our Most Valued Players-MVPs


In our endeavor to bring our customers the global flavors, we have firmly held onto our Indian roots as we grow and experiment with new cuisines that intrigue our customers and us. We have made sure that curiosity and innovation is encouraged but our objective of excellence is not ignored in this process.

At Girish Cold Drinks and Caterers we treat your guests as our own and being ardent believers of the Indian Philosophy: “Athithi Devo Bhava,” we put in all our hearts and efforts to treat our guests like Gods and provide them with food worthy of Gods.

For past two decades, we have been determined to offer culinary excellence and remarkable services at many intimate events, corporate gatherings, and social affairs. With time, we have only prospered through our unparalleled sumptuous food and merry-making arrangements which is evident from the insurmountable love and appreciation we have received from customers we have served over time.

Why Us?


Girish Cold Drinks and Caterers takes pride in organizing the critical milestones of your life in the stipulated time with quintessence. In an endeavor to make your festivities cherished for a long time, we put in all resources and creativity to make your special day, a little more beautiful. We are a quality driven organization that targets to achieve a hundred percent customer satisfaction and loyalty. We aim at providing a once-in-a-lifetime experience that our customers will remember and in turn trust us with their future events.

The salient features of Girish Cold Drinks and Caterers that make us stand tall and apart from others are:

  An extraordinary culinary experience with custom crafted menus.

  Collaboration with your favorite venues to serve at any place, any time.

  Extravagant food set-ups, creatively crafted according to your special day.

Customized considerations and administration.